日本キリスト教協議会 女性委員会 世界祈祷日
Program prepared by the WDP of Slovenia

rogo1WDP National/Regional Committees,
Dear sisters and WDP friends

The celebration is fast approaching. The WDP women of Slovenia invite us to pray with them. Many communities got together to learn and listen with women from Slovenia. Now, the table is set and the invitations were sent. Who would come?
We pray that we will have the wisdom to live in the moment of the feast and rejoice in it. We pray that our hearts will be ready to receive the invitation of Jesus, an invitation to love each other, and to be welcoming. Here is the challenge that Jesus presents us this year: open the heart to those whom you know nothing about. Will we dare to open the door and welcome whoever in our context is like "the lame, the blind, the crippled and the poor"? (Luke 14:15-24)
The WDP Slovenia committee has been engaged in preparations for the celebration since April 2016. Members of the committee, including current president Tanja Povšnar Vrečar, share with us in excitement:
“We want to show Slovenia in all its beauty and needs. We will be present around the world in the prayers, minds and hearts of so many. United in the same prayer, though different languages, we will worship the same God and build this international sisterhood. What a joy to do this all together!
Slovenia is a small country in Europe with a relatively well established economy, with unemployment rates down since the beginning of our WDP worship service material preparation. We have access to education and health services. But still in need to be with God, with our families and with ourselves. We get busy with our lives, forgetting to accept Jesus’ invitation to the feast. Thank you for the reminders. Please, keep us on your list of invitees and let us be the hosts for those who are vulnerable. We wish you a great celebration on the 1st of March!”
Jesus’s message of love is radical and it is expected that we – Jesus’ disciples - will put the teaching into practice. We join you in prayers that the Holy Spirit will be at work at the heart of our services and that we will be able to leave our places of celebration feeling blessed for having taken up such a challenge!
We wish you a blessed and happy feast!

Laurence Gangloff, WDPIC Chairperson

Rosangela Oliveira, WDPIC Executive Director
友人からきれいな卵をいただきました。彼女は私が卵に目がないのを知っていて下さったのですが、私は チョコレートや本物の卵だけでなく、セラミック、石、木でできた卵も大好きです。

卵は様々な文化の中で新しい生命の象徴で、キリスト教の伝統ではイースターエッグはキリストの復活を意味します。 このシンボルは、死といのちについて同時に語っているのです。

私がいただいた卵には3 匹の魚が描かれていました。それは三位一体を象徴しています。 そして、3 匹の魚はまた、3 度のキリスト教パレスチナ人のことばを思い起こさせます。「キリストはよみがえられた、本当によみがえられた!」

「彼はよみがえられた」、また「彼は本当によみがえられた」というとき、死者と死者の世界(陰府の国)を恐れることはないと私たちは誓います。 イエスがこの道を私たちに先立って行かれたからです。


3度目にパレスチナのクリスチャンのように「彼はよみがえられた」、また「彼は本当によみがえられた」というとき、クリスチャン女性として、聖霊の助けを信じて、この世界を変えることができるのです。私たちは女性と少女に対するレイプと暴力を根絶させるため、教育を行い、主張することができます。 私たちは誰もが尊厳をもって生き、また貧困のない世界をつくることができます。そして平和と和解のための行動が不寛容でかたくなな心に取って代わるのです。 私たちは、聖霊の働きが、世界の正義の道へと私たちを押し出すことを信じています。



世界祈祷日国際委員会 委員長
2018年3月 スリナム

テーマ国スリナムの担当者たちはとてもワクワクしながらも、皆さまの祈りに覚えられていることに謙虚な思いでいます。 私たちの国の、文化、音楽、アートワーク、礼拝に関心を持ってくださり感謝しています。スリナム委員会は誇りを持って熱心に取り組み、その結果、政府も関心を寄せています。
"すべて神の造られたものはとてもよい" (創世記1:31)


米国のWDP国際委員会〔World Day of Prayer InternationalCommittee〕から

rogo1To National/Regional Committees
Dear WDP sisters and friends

Dear WDP sisters,

Every year we look forward to hearing the good news from Easter morning:
Christ has risen, he has really risen, Hallelujah!

After the weeks of Lent and following the passion of Jesus, from his acclaimed marching in Jerusalem to the last supper with his friends, the betrayal and handing-over to his crucifixion, we are longing to hear the good news.

In this Easter season I’d like to send you my heartfelt greetings. Watching and listening to the news all around the world, there are so many concerns that require our prayer. In so many places, people are living in fear and under injustice. Terror, war, and hunger are forcing people to leave their homes and go on a dangerous journey. With Christian love I pray for the people in Syria, in Egypt, in Iraq and Iran, in Palestine and Israel, in Yemen and Lebanon, in the Ukraine and in Russia, in Nigeria and in India, in Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Bangladesh, Venezuela and Brazil, Chile and Mexico, in South and North Korea, in Lybia and Sudan, in the Philippines and Suriname... I pray for all who are suffering.

Jesus knows the suffering of the people in need and in fear. He went through the darkest valley of life to sympathize with those who are at the margins.

“Am I being unfair to you?” He set us an example to follow his footsteps, to live with and for our sisters and brothers in our time between Good Friday and Easter Sunday.

Christ has risen, he has really risen, Hallelujah!

May this wonderful news, first spread by women, fill the hearts of the suffering and fill our hearts with hope, comfort, and joy!

I wish you and your families a happy Easter season, may the Easter blessing encourage you and strengthen your faith.

With love,
Corinna Harbig










世界祈祷日国際委員会 議長

訳 女性委員会 前島惠、北村恵子
迎えるに辺り、米国のWDP国際委員会〔World Day of Prayer International
Committee〕から メッセージが送られて来ましたので、掲載いたします。

rogo1To National/Regional Committees
Dear WDP sisters and friends

“Am I Being Unfair to You?”
Prepared by the WDP of the Philippines for the celebration in 2017

Mabuhay! Come to the circle and tell your story!

Jesus told stories to teach about the Kingdom of God. We tell stories to make ourselves aware of God’s presence today in the world. The worship service tells the stories of Filipino women seeking for justice. This week, on our common day of prayer, from our own context we will tell the same story, reflect on the same question, and be assured of God’s generosity for all.

World Day of Prayer motto - ‘Informed prayer and prayerful action’ – is at its climax. You have dedicated time to learn about the Philippines, to connect with Filipino people in your own country, to listen to their claims and to ecumenically lift up their concerns and joys to God.

Since we started preparations for this celebration, important changes have happened to the country’s political and social context. To mention just two for its overall impact, let’s highlight the termination of the Peace Talks between the Government of the Philippines (GRP) and the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) and the war on drugs. The Peace Talks had the promise to reach agreements about human rights and humanitarian law, ceasefire, social and economic reforms that would alter the context of poverty, violence, and unemployment. The War on Drugs has claimed more than 7,000 lives since last July, and also the arrest of opposition voices to the government’s policy.

As our WDP sisters in the Philippines are telling us -- ‘we need the world’s prayers now’. Once again, the WDP program is timely and we trust that the Holy Spirit will carry on our prayers to fill the hearts of the afflicted. With them, we will be sent off affirming that the God of Justice calls us to plant the seeds of hope, to become fruits of liberation and love. As one voice we will offer our hands to plant, nurture, and harvest those seeds.

We want to thank all who are celebrating the World Day of Prayer. May we be sent forth with the fruits of our communal harvest by God’s sole generosity!

Corinna Harbig, WDPIC Chairperson
Rosângela Oliveira, WDPIC Executive Director

2017年世界祈祷日メッセージ (作成国、フィリピン)


イエスは神の国について物語で話されました。 私たちは神の存在を知るために物語を語り合います。 この礼拝では正義を求める女性たちが物語を語ります。 3月第1週の世界祈祷日では、私たち一人ひとりのおかれた状況から、同じ物語を語り、その同じ質問を思い返し、すべての人々に対する神の寛大さを確信します。

世界祈祷日のモットーである「情報に基づく祈りと祈りを伴う行動」は今、クライマックスを迎えています。皆さんはフィリピンについて学び、 フィリピンの人々を皆さんの国と関連づけ、またフィリピンの人々の主張に耳を傾け、神に対する人々の関心と喜びを、教派を超えて捧げるために時間を使われました。



コリーナ・ハービッグ  世界祈祷日国際委員会 議長
ロザンジェラ・オリヴェイラ  世界祈祷日国際委員会 主事

訳 女性委員会 前島惠、北村恵子